22/11/2017 17:34 GMT | Updated 24/11/2017 13:30 GMT

Best Amazon Black Friday 2017 Deals On PS4, Xbox One, TVs And More

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Amazon was responsible for bringing Black Friday to the UK in 2010, so we think it’s fair to say we always have high expectations of what it will eventually deliver.

With the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X fighting it out and PS VR now getting involved we’re spoiled when it comes to choosing the best games console.

They’re not cheap though, and buying the kit and games needed to get started can make a big dent on your pocket.

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One of the biggest problems with Black Friday has always been that it’s sometimes hard to tell if you’re actually being given a bargain or something that could in a week’s time turn out to be even cheaper.

To help you navigate the somewhat dizzying amount of choice that’s on offer we’ve handpicked only the offers that we think represent actual value for money.

When is Amazon’s Black Friday event?

To avoid the stress that the one-day sale has been known to cause, Amazon is running its Black Friday sale this year up until 23:59 on Sunday 26th November.

Here we pick out some of our favourite gaming deals that we think represent genuine value for money, but it’s worth doing a thorough search of the site before buying too.

Amazon Black Friday Gaming Deals

Perhaps the kids have put a games console on their Christmas wish list, or you fancy treating yourself to the latest console? Whatever the reason, if you want the best price for an Xbox One or PS4 your best bet is buying the console as part of a bundle.

If you’re looking for the Xbox One S then we’ve found one of the few deals that seem to be firmly staying in stock for the moment.

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If you just want to get someone started then Amazon (and Xbox) are both offering this great bundle of the Xbox One S and the absolutely superb Rocket League for £169.99. The Xbox One S costs more than this on its own.

You can get an Xbox One S 500GB Console: Shadow of War Bundle + FIFA 18 for £199.99 which will save you a no inconsiderable £49.75 if you tried to buy them all separately.

Probably one of the largest video games of the year Destiny 2 is currently available for £28.99 on both PS4 and Xbox One. Not bad when you consider the game only came out a few months ago.

If you want to play online you’re going to need a membership with either PS Plus or Xbox Live.

You can currently get 25% off a 12-months membership of PlayStation Plus, bringing the price down to £37.49.

For Xbox users there’s the opportunity to get a £5 discount off an Xbox Live Gold three-month membership or a £6.50 discount off an Xbox Live Gold 12-month membership when you buy an Xbox One console or controller. This membership provides you with free downloadable games every month, advanced multi-player capabilities and discounts at the Xbox store.

Amazon Black Friday Gadget Deals

Amazon’s Kindle range has been staggeringly popular for the company and there’s a reason for that. They’re usually pretty reasonable in terms of cost and Amazon happens to own one of the largest online libraries in the world.

So far the company isn’t offering any huge discounts on its Kindles however there is one deal that stuck out for us.


The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is now £79.99 (previously £109.99). This is arguably Amazon’s best Kindle as it has all the essential features you need for an eReader and none of the bells and whistles that mean Amazon can justify hiking the price.

It has a backlight, their high-resolution display and it’s rugged and light to hold making it a perfect travelling companion.

In the world of Bluetooth speakers there is one company that has continued to impress year after year: Logitech’s Ultimate Ears.

Ultimate Ears

Their indestructible and brightly-coloured speakers consistently outperform the competition both in terms of sound quality and battery-life.

You can currently get a pair of their bite-sized Wonderboom speakers for £99.99. That’s a genuine bargain when you think that on their own they’ll cost you £79.99. The speakers can be paired together and turned into your very own stereo setup regardless of where you are.

Ever thought of switching to a ‘smart home’? Well one of our favourite systems, Hive, is getting the Black Friday treatment courtesy of Amazon. This effectively lets you control the heating and hot water in your home via a smartphone app or through the Hive smart thermostat.

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Not only that but once Hive is installed you can start adding extra accessories like smart lightbulbs, room sensors for security and even a camera that’ll let you know if there’s movement while you’re not in.

The starter pack is now £159 (usually £179) and includes professional installation.

Looking for some headphones? Well Sony’s excellent MDR-1000X noise-cancelling headphones are now £189.99 down from a whopping £360.

These are arguably the best pair of headphones Sony makes in our view balancing both amazing sound-quality with portability and a sturdy design that makes them perfect for flying, commuting or just blocking out the rest of the world. Really great all-rounders and definitely worth your attention.

Amazon Black Friday 4K TV Deals


If you’re looking to upgrade your TV to the incredible picture quality offered by 4K ultra high definition television, this is the time to do it. The 2017 model of Toshiba’s 55U5766DB 55-inch 4K Ultra HD LED smart TV with Freeview Play has been reduced by a stonking £160 from £599 to £439. And this year’s model of LG’s 43UJ630V 43 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR smart LED TV has seen its price slashed by £60.99 to £369.

We’ll update this piece as we discover more deals.