Best Cheese Fondue Sets On Amazon, John Lewis, Wayfair And Robert Dyas

What better way to spend a cold winter's night? 🧀

Cheese-lovers across the nation should be doing one thing and one thing only this winter: melting their favourite fromage down and enjoying the gooey goodness.

Not only do cheese fondue sets provide a great source of comfort food for cosy nights in, but they’re also a nice talking point for when you invite your mates around. And, if you’re not a die-hard cheese fan yourself, there’s no denying they make an excellent gift choice.

But where should you be buying them? Whether you’ve got eccentric taste, are limited on space or after something simple yet effective, there’s a fondue for all eventualities right here.

The One With The Gouda Name

Amazon UK

This fondue set is first on the list purely because of its fabulous name. World, meet the VonShef Swiss fondue set. It’s a red cast iron pot (not any old rubbish) which sits on top of a fuel burner. The set includes six long metal forks and the marketers of this item haven’t just limited it to the world of cheese. Oh no, you can melt chocolate on there and cook meat too. What a time to be alive.

VonShef Swiss Fondue Set, Amazon, £29.99.

The One That Belongs On Insta

John Lewis

If you’re looking to properly invest in a fondue set (because apparently that’s what adults do these days?!) then this shiny copper number might just be your best bet. It’s pricey at £85, however it practically doubles up as a beautiful showpiece for your kitchen. Reviews on the John Lewis website suggest it does tarnish easily, so a bit of polishing may be required every now and then, however the set serves 10 (you can invite all your mates around or just eat for 10 people, the choice is yours) and it comes with a copper-plated stainless steel cover, cylinder and a matching stand/base. There’s also a burner and six serving forks with chrome-plated plastic heads.

Croft Collection Copper Fondue Set, John Lewis, £85.

The One With The Gherkin Pocket

Robert Dyas

This bad boy comes with pockets on each side to hold your fondue accompaniments – so things like gherkins, peppers, pickled onions and bread. Redeeming features include a heat-resistant plastic base, non-slip feet and cool-touch handles that makes it safe to serve up at the dining table. There are eight forks, six removable serving pots and no candle needed – all you have to do is plug it in, which is great news if you’ve run out of matches. Another major highlight (and this might just seal the deal) is that it’s easy to clean when you’re finished.

Global Gourmet Swiss Electric Fondue Set, Robert Dyas, £29.99.

The One That’s Brie-lliant For Small Homes


This is the Tiny Tim of the fondue world, great for intimate settings, small homes and also as a lovely little gift. The aptly named ‘Tapas Fondue’ comes in black and has a ceramic fondue pot, solid dark wooden board (fancy), four forks and one tea light for keeping the cheese warm. The pot holds 400g of cheese and is microwave safe for convenience.

BOSKA Cheese Fondue Set, Amazon, £29.99.

The One With The Cheesy Design


This fondu is basically straight out of Cartoon-land, but we love its outlandish ways. The ceramic pan can hold a whopping litre of cheese fondue (now that’s what we call mega) and it comes with a fondue burner, six forks and metal support.

Boska Holland Super Cheesy 1 L Fondue Set, Wayfair, £47.99.