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The items, which also included Valentine's Day keychains, were deemed disturbing by the memorial at the ex-concentration camp.
Union GMB is demonstrating outside firm's UK headquarters over strongly disputed claim that retail giant underpays by £89m.
Stay fuzz-free with this body hair remover that's £280 cheaper on Amazon in this Black Friday deal.
From Christmas parties to new year winter wedding season, this dress can handle it all.
The news was confirmed by the French president on Monday.
The move comes after widespread criticism of president Jair Bolsonaro’s handling of the crisis.
Jair Bolsonaro is facing criticism over the cause of the fires and has warned foreign powers not to intervene in the crisis.
Staying in Europe is the only way we can make a serious impact on climate change and the environment, MEP Alex Phillips writes.
The Brazilian president’s agenda of extraction and depletion is reshaping the country’s natural landscape – and our future, Magid Magid writes.
A series of protests have been planned across the world for Prime Day, an annual 48-hour consumer sale on Amazon’s website. Workers in the US, the UK and Germany have said they are protesting working conditions in the Amazon warehouses which organise and ship millions of products bought online every day. In another protest in New York, protest group La Resistenia are using Prime Day to bring attention to how Amazon Web Services (AWS) are allegedly being used by ICE (US immigration) to run their systems. Amazon rang up total sales of $235bn (£188bn) of online sales last year. CEO Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest man in the world.
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The retailer called the incident "terribly sad".
Tips for parents drowning in Christmas card lists, work, Amazon deliveries, half-finished paper chains and out-of-control diaries.
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One person remains in a critical condition and 30 more people were treated at the scene.
The auction site claims Amazon representatives used eBay messages to lure users away.
Online retailers under pressure amid fears fetal heartbeat monitors delay mothers seeking medical help.
The birth of Bitcoin was a mere 10 years ago. What was once the purview of one person in 2009 is now anticipated to become
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