Everything A Coffee Addict Needs For A Barista-Level Brew At Home

From just the right coffee machine to the cups, canisters, scoops and steamers that will deliver your daily fix.
What coffee addicts need to get a barista level brew at home
What coffee addicts need to get a barista level brew at home

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If you’re something of a coffee connoisseur or a straight-up caffeine addict (or both), we bet you can’t start your day without a morning brew, not to mention all those extra cups you down through the day before your caffeine cut-off time.

On days when you’re in the office rather than WFH, you probably kick off early with a coffee on the commute. There’s something unparalleled about a coffee brewed by your favourite local barista, isn’t there?

But when you can’t – or don’t want to – leave the house or you simply don’t have the time or money for a cafe trip, it’s time for a DIY take on your favourite drink. The issue is that sometimes, a homemade coffee just doesn’t hit the spot. It seems more watery, less flavoursome, and just a whole lot less luxurious.

Despite any previous coffee faux pas, with practice – and the right kit – it’s possible to start bossing a cafe-quality coffee at home. Whatever your go-to coffee, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your ‘basic brew’ to something a little more special (think: barista level coffee at home).

In this guide, you’ll find grinders, beans, and all the accessories you need to hone your at-home coffee brewing and take your caffeine kick up a notch.

This manual coffee brewer
This manual alternative to an electric coffee maker allows you to handcraft your espresso shots. It's easier to use than you would think – if you need some pointers, Flair share hacks on their TikTok channel.)
Gorgeous rose gold coffee scoops
This handy coffee scoop (which measures out 2 tbsp or 30ml and comes in a set of two) scoopsa littl the perfect amount of ground coffee into your coffee brewing gadget of choice.
A 'bean to cup' machine
For a more barista-like brew, this 'bean to cup' machine features an advanced grinder (with multiple settings for various coffee bean blends) and a smart tamping station that takes the guess work out of finding the right pressure.
Sustainable coffee mugs
These easy-to-stack cups made from waste coffee husks come in two colours and sizes, and are ideal if (like me) you're prone to dropping things as they're super sturdy and incredibly resistant to damage. I have these and couldn't recommend them more.
Simple but sleek pod storage
Keep your coffee station neat and tidy with this coffee pod storage door, perfect for sliding under your coffee machine.
A handheld milk frother
Add a little extra frothiness to your steamed milk with this handheld, rechargeable milk frother. It's also useful for making your favourite chilled coffees – DIY iced cappuccinos, here we come!
An iced coffee maker
Prefer your coffee chilled? This quick and easy-to-use iced coffee brewer makes achieving that cafe-style chilled coffee oh so simple.
A canister with a difference
Storing your go-to roast in an airtight canister keeps it fresh – a canister with an internal vacuum is better yet. Enter, the Atmos Vacuum Canister. Pop your beans inside, put the lid on, twist it back and forth and increase your coffee's shelf life by up to 50%.
One for the cold-brew fans
If you're a fan of cold-brew over iced coffee, this super stylish cold-brew carafe and accessories are a must.
Thermo coffee cups
Whether you love your coffee steaming hot or prefer an ice cold brew, these double walled thermo cups make a great buy.
A gorgeous grinder
With its 18 grind settings, this sleek electric coffee bean grinder is suitable for use with a diverse range of coffee-making gadgets, from espresso machines to percolators – and everything in between.
The right knock box
This lightweight coffee knock box makes disposing of old coffee grounds far simpler. The design is also compact enough to store neatly in an espresso machine's drip tray and features anti-slip technology, to ensure it doesn't budge.
The original AeroPress
For an easy, affordable way to brew quality coffee at home, the AeroPress is a go-to for a reason. And for anyone who loves to camp or hike, it also makes a great on-the-go brewing tool.
All the syrupy goodness
Do you like to spike your coffee with a hit of flavoured syrup? This set of mini coffee syrups will give you cafe-style choice in your own kitchen.
Filter coffee with a timer
Love waking up to freshly brewed coffee (oh, and a jug of the stuff)? This grind and brew machine has 'quiet brew' technology and a 12-cup capacity, but it's the timer that's the real game-changer.
This pretty, old school percolator
Americano or espresso drinker? This one's perfect for you. For a classic stove-top coffee, this aluminium percolator is perfect. It features a heat resistant, soft touch ergonomic handle and comes in three sizes and a selection of colours.
A milk steaming jug
Got a coffee machine with a milk steaming wand? You're going to need a good quality stainless steel jug to create that coffee shop-esque flat white. For milk that's the perfect temperature, pair your jug with a digital milk thermometer.
A super simple milk frother
For silky, smooth, oh so frothy milk, this electric milk frother is the one.
A book's worth of coffee recipes
Keen to learn how to hone your DIY barista skills? This coffee-making book is a great starting point with 50 coffee and espresso drinks to make at home
And now for the coffee
Every good coffee starts with the right beans. If you like nutty, chocolatey blends, this House Blend of organic-certified coffee beans from Grind is for you. FYI, it's also better than Fairtrade and the packaging is fully compostable.