We All Want A Hot Chocolate Station. Here's How To Build Yours

Hot chocolate stations are the ultimate in home comfort. These are all the bits you'll need for one.
Hot chocolate station
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Hot chocolate station

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There’s nothing nicer than snuggling up with a frothy hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day or night, is there?

And now there’s no need to even leave your house to enjoy one – the humble ho-cho steps up a notch with the growing trend of hot chocolate stations.

Whether you’re a classic hot chocolate lover, you enjoy yours pimped up a bit (think: whipped cream, marshmallows and all the other toppings), or prefer a dairy free alternative, a hot chocolate station is a kitchen must-have this winter.

But what is a hot chocolate station and why do you need one? It’s a designated area in your kitchen where you keep all of your hot chocolate making essentials, from a range of choc flavours to a choice of toppings – and all the necessary accessories. No need to pop to a cafe when you can whip one up at home.

Keen to build your own hot chocolate station? Below are some of the essentials that you will need. (Oh, and you might want to pop to your nearest M&S for a bottle of its cult Temptingly Chocolately Cream. Believe us, it’s the best!)

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Machine
For the ultimate hot chocolate, you'll need a Velvetiser. Designed to re-create barista style hot chocolate drinks, this Hotel Chocolat version combines grated chocolate with the milk of your choice to offer a frothy chocolate drink perfect for winter evenings.

Get your Hotel Chocolat Velvetizer for £110
The Snowman and Snowdog Toppers
Every hot chocolate station needs marshmallows, and you'll struggle to find cuter ones than these friendly faces from seasonal classic, The Snowman. You won't even be sad when they melt deliciously into your drink.

Get your Snowman Toppers for £6.85
ICMinds Hot Chocolate Bar
This fabulously festive gift set has everything that you could possibly need to create the perfect hot chocolate, including sprinkles, candy canes, and mini marshmallows.

Get your Hot Chocolate Bar for £12.99
Whittard Cocoa Creations Mixed Hot Chocolate Set
This selection of delicious chocolate flavours – Luxury, Luxury White, Salted Caramel, Orange, Mint and even Rocky Road – will mean you can cater for all hot chocolate tastes, even if those tastes all belong to one person: you!

Get your Whittard Hot Chocolate Set for £24.99
Terashopee Copper Mugs
For a luxurious hot chocolate, this quartet of nickle hammered mugs are the perfect addition to proceedings, bringing a dash of 'après ski' chic to your sipping.

Get the four Copper Mugs for £19.65
Wawi Melting Snowman Bomb
How cute is this melting snowman hot chocolate bomb, filled with milk chocolate chips and mini marshmallows? If you're a white hot chocolate lover, this one's for you. Beats dipping a digestive in a cuppa.

Get two Melting Snowmen for £13.10
Maison & White Two Tier Slate Stand
You've bought the chocolate, you've got the topping, your mugs are ready, but what do you store them all on? This two-tier slate stand is a best-seller and makes got a stylish hot chocolate station, transforming your kitchen into a cafe for one – or more.

Get your Maison & White stand for £22.99
Maltesers and Galaxy Hot Chocolate Station Set
Complete with instant hot chocolate sachets, a marshmallow selection, sprinkles, confetti and 30 mini gingerbread men biscuits, this limited edition kit from two of your fave choccy brands will get you in celebratory mood.

Get your Maltesers and Galaxy set for £19.99
Ornami Glass Storage Jars
Whether you use these elegant bamboo and glass jars to store your hot chocolate flavours or fill them with your favourite toppings, from mini marshmallows to dusting sugar, they're a stylish addition to any hot chocolate station.

Get your set of three Ornami jars for £15.95
Fineway Stainless Steel Chocolate Shaker
No hot chocolate station is complete without a chocolate duster – and this one comes with 16 different stencil designs for the top of your drink, from smiley faces and hearts, to Christmas trees and snowflakes, for the full barista treatment.

Get your Chocolate Duster for £9.98
Baileys Indulgent Drinking Chocolate Infused with Irish Cream
Baileys hot chocolate is now a thing, too, praise be, and it's the perfect addition to your hot chocolate station – just make sure to keep it out of the reach of under 18s.

Get your Baileys Infused Hot Chocolate for £9.90
Cadbury Flake 99
Flakes aren't just for your summer ice-cream. What cherries are to the top of cakes, flakes are to your winter hot chocolate. Whether you're a sprinkler, dipper, or grater, stick one of these in your creation and it will be perfect.

Get a 14-pack of Flakes for £4.79 (originally £5.63)