Best Cooling Fans 2019: According To Reviews

Summer is on the way.

Admittedly the UK doesn’t have the warmest weather to contend with but when you’re trapped inside a building without air conditioning in the height of summer, it can still feel pretty sweaty.

Sleepless nights tossing and turning, having to strip down to a vest at your desk - much to the displeasure of your colleagues - it would all be made a little easier if you had a gentle breeze blowing over you.

Make this the year you get prepared in advance (instead of continually saying you’ll buy a fan and then only getting round to it in September) and buy a fan from Amazon, as rated by customers who already own them.

Aviski hand-held fan, Amazon, £8.99

This is the cheapest of our fan round up - the price kept low by the fact it is primarily a handheld device rather than standalone. Although you can pop it on your desk by adding the detachable base, we’re not sure how sturdy it would be long term. T

his is probably best for when you’re commuting to work or moving around outside at the weekend (at the park, having a picnic with the kids). And with a USB charging battery it is as easy as charging your phone.

Netagon high velocity floor fan, Amazon, £59.99

This high velocity floor fan means business. With three adjustable speeds it is best for when you really want to get some cold air moving around a room rather than just a breeze on your face. It comes fully assembled straight out of the box (no fighting over building the damn thing) and is available in either a chrome or copper finish. Word of warning: reviewers say it is probably too large for a desk or table so probably best option if you’re looking for something for your bedroom.

Buy it now.

MeacoFan bedroom fan, Amazon, £102

This fan might seem a little heavy on the pocket but it has good reason to be charging such a price. Not only does it have great reviews, but it has lots of additional functions not seen on other models. For example, it rotates so you can really feel it working. It has noise-dampening technology so it won’t keep you awake all night. It even has a dim light so you can keep it on overnight if you’re sleeping next to the fan. The biggest bonus - a timer that means you can set it to turn off (and save energy).

Pro Breeze gym floor fan, Amazon, £59.99

You don’t have to own a workout studio for this gym floor fan to be the best choice for you. Like the Netagon option, it is sturdy and best suited for a place on the ground. With a powerful 120W motor, lots of customers said that even at the lowest speed, it really blows you away. It has three built-in speeds and the adjustable head can be tilted up and down to direct the flow of air. Plus it’s made from chrome and stainless steel so it looks very Pinterest-worthy.

Oscillating pedestal Fan, Amazon, £69.99

This fan is the most old school one on the list - although it might not look so aesthetically pleasing, it does exactly what it says on the tin. With 12 speeds and a 12 hour programmed timer, it is perfect for setting just before you go to sleep to keep the room a good temperature overnight. It has an adjustable stand so you can move it up and down a fair bit. It also comes with a remote control so you don’t even need to get out of bed to turn it off. Win win.

Ansio tower fan, Amazon, £44

This Ansio tower fan is giving us serious Dyson vibes (but at a fraction of the cost of the luxury fan). The 30-inch tower comes with an easy to use panel as well as two year warranty if you decide it doesn’t live up to expectations. Similarly to many of the other options it has three speed settings, and a timer function to turn it off automatically. Honestly we just love the way it looks - it would fit neatly into any corner of your home without looking clunky or messy. It also comes in pink if that’s your thing.