9 Pieces Of Tiny Outdoor Furniture That'll Upgrade Your Balcony Or Garden

Because of course you need a mini table just for your G&T.

Just because you live in a flat doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors. If you are lucky enough to have a balcony, there’s a whole range of mini furniture sets you can kit it out with that also make the most of the space.

We’ve trawled through the best and worst of reviews on Amazon to find our pick of the top nine finds.

Read on for some inspo on ways to make your balcony a little haven this spring – from bird boxes and plant stands, to parasols and tables.

Three Tier Herb & Plant Theatre, Amazon, £29.99

Love plants but don’t have a garden? Make the most of the space you do have with this cute, three-tier plant theatre, which is great for plants and herbs.

Buy it here.

Balcony Table Chair Set, Amazon, £52.95

These look classy and they’re also practical – they fold up when not in use and will fit nicely on most balconies. Perfect for when you want to eat your dinner outside on a sunny evening.

Buy the set here.

Wooden Hanging Balcony Table, Amazon, £28.95

If you don’t have enough space for two chairs a table, this clip-on version also does the trick. It also folds away for perfect space-saving.

Buy it here.

Mosaic Side Table, Amazon, £31.99

This tiny table might not be large enough for dinner, but it’s perfect for when you want to enjoy a nice cold drink in the sun and need somewhere to rest your G&T.

Buy it here.

Half Sized Sun Parasol, Amazon, £27.99

This brilliant space saving parasol is built half the size – so that it can fit snugly on most balconies, pressed against the wall. All you need it a bit of sun to get it out – come on, Britain, give us the spring and summer we all deserve.

Buy it here.

Willow Garden Fencing Screen, Amazon, £42.90

Don’t like your nosey neighbours? Never mind - you can get yourself a bit of privacy with this balcony screen, made from willow.

Buy it here.

Folding Deck Chair, Amazon, £29.66

Now that you have your balcony screen in place, and your parasol it’s time for a bit of relaxing. Kick back, grab a book and chillax on a deck chair, which folds neatly out of the way after use and comes in a choice of 12 different colours.

Buy it here.

Cool Stool Outdoor Cooler, Amazon, £49.99

This clever cool box doubles as a stool - which is perfect if you haven’t got much space and want to have an outdoor picnic or host some drinks.

Buy it here.

Metal Balcony Bird Table, Amazon, £23.66

Bring nature to your own back door this this attachable bird feeder, which you can fix onto your balcony with a screw.

Buy it here.

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