14/11/2018 17:00 GMT | Updated 15/11/2018 08:25 GMT

Best Indoor Plant Pots For Under £15 To Make Your Greenery Look Better Than Ever

Jazz up your home 🌵🌵🌵

There’s nothing quite like a flourishing indoor plant to make you feel better about the weather outside. As well as jazzing up your space, they can have real health benefits such as reducing carbon dioxide, improving air quality and reducing pollutants.

When repotting your plant, make sure you’re a good parent and research its specific needs.

First, consider which size plant pot will be best. Get your tape measure out and consider whether your plant has outgrown its current pot size.  Secondly, all plants need drainage so either choose a pot with drainage holes or, if your preferred pot doesn’t have a hole, make sure you keep it in its original plastic pot to make sure it isn’t sitting in water, which can lead to root damage. 

We’ve rounded up the best medium-sized indoor plant pots to make your greenery look better than ever. And never fear, these snazzy pots are all £15 or less. 

Pretty in pink


Add a pop of colour to your room with this pretty millennial pink pot. It’s fully kitted out with drainage holes, and a fabulous golden saucer to catch all the excess water. Perfection.

Fluted plant pot with a saucer, H&M, £9.99.

Dimensions: Height 13cm x Diameter 13cm

Woven wonder


This pot is great for adding some woven texture to a room. It’s fully waterproof and functional, but has no drainage holes, so be sure to take extra care when watering your precious plant. 

Druvflader plant pot, IKEA, £4.50

Dimensions: H12 x D13cm 

The Midas Touch


It’s time to jazz up that cactus that’s been sitting in a boring plastic pot on your windowsill forever. Small put perfectly formed, who doesn’t love a splash of gold? 

Small metal plant pot, H&M, £8.99

Dimensions: H13 x D13cm

Simple but effective

This pot will go with any colour scheme you’ve already got going on – but this would look gorgeous with rich greens and dark blues. Plus the drainage holes and saucer mean you can water your plant with minimal mess.

HAY Medium flower pot with saucer, HUH Store, £13

Dimensions: H13.5 x D14cm

Ceramic beauty


Handcrafted and finished with a crackle glaze, this lovely pot is available in three different sizes and three colours. Try mix and matching colours and plants across your space. Be careful about plant selection though, no drainage holes!

Crackle glaze ceramic pot, Patch, £12

Dimensions: H14cm x D14cm


Crystal clear


If you’re really thinking outside the box pot, it doesn’t get much cooler than this. Handmade from glass, it has drainage holes which makes it suitable for all plants. We are seriously into this pot. 

Small glass flower pot, Arket, £12

Dimensions: H10cm x D11cm 

Fabulous Foil

Oliver Bonas

We love the balance of grey and gold in this little beauty, two colours that always go with green. It’s stoneware and each with it’s own unique finish - any plant would look beautiful in this pot. 

Grey & Gold Foiled base plant pot, Oliver Bonas, £16

Dimensions: H16 x D15.5cm

Oliver Bonas

We love this unusual design - we’re getting spaceship vibes and loving it. We think this is perfect for a succulent, cactus or aloe vera. No drainage holes means no mess and it can live on the kitchen bench. Perfect. 

Abuo Blue Ceramic Plant Pot, Oliver Bonas, £7.50

Dimensions: H9 x  D7cm


Last but not least, add a pop of colour to your space with this joyous little pot. We absolutely love the pattern, and it comes with indentations on the bottom so you can make drainage holes or leave without. Tactical. 

Hummingbirds in flight pot, Waitrose, £3.39

Dimensions: H15 x D15

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