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Pontsho Mabena

This week got South Africans into the vibe, as they heard singer Beyoncé will be coming out for the Global Citizen Festival. Jacob Zuma hired a new lawyer for his upcoming court case, and World Population Day had us reflecting on the people of Mzansi. As flu season is upon us, we looked into whether people are misusing antibiotics. Enough reading — enjoy the videos.

1. Global Citizen Festival SA – Will The Use Of An App Exclude The Poor?

News that Beyoncé and JayZ will be performing at the Global Citizen Festival in December had more than 100,000 South Africans downloading the app — but those too poor to afford the technology won't be excluded.

2. Who Is Daniel Mantsha?

Jacob Zuma has ended his decade-long relationship with Michael Hulley and replaced him with Gupta associate Daniel Mantsha. Who is this new attorney?

3. Are You Misusing Antibiotics?

According to the Mayo Clinic in the U.S., the overuse and misuse of antibiotics can lead to health risks. Learn more here.

4. What Would Comics Change In South Africa?

We went to the Savanna Comics' Choice Awards nominations to ask comics what they would do if they had dictatorial powers to change anything in SA overnight. The responses were amazing:

5. Get Your Child Ready For Their Financial Future

As parents, preparing your child for the future is your most important job. Here's how to teach them about money.


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