How To Find The Best Travel Deals Now The Red List Is Cut Down

Because right now, you deserve a holiday.

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Our holiday wishes have been granted as the traffic light system has been scrapped and the number of countries on the red list has been cut to seven. Countries such as South Africa, Brazil, and Mexico will now be quarantine-free for those who are double jabbed.

For many people though, this will be the first time we’ve planned to travel in almost two years. It means that we may have forgotten how to find the best holiday deals and ways to save money when abroad. If this is you, don’t worry, we have you covered.

How to save money when choosing a holiday destination

Emma Coulthurst, who is a travel expert from, says we should consider booking a package holiday in a country where the cost of living is cheaper. This will mean the hotel will be good value and the price of eating out, drinks and activities will also be less expensive.

Turkey is incredibly popular for this reason, as are city breaks in destinations such as Krakow, Vilnius and Budapest,” she says.

“A package can often save you money as tour operators have usually arranged cut-price deals with their partners, for example, airlines or hotels. Also, major tour operators protect themselves against exchange-rate fluctuations by hedging – that is, fixing in advance the rates with suppliers such as hotels.”

If you can, consider travelling out of season. May and September often give the best short-haul prices without compromising too much on the weather. January is also a good time to go on holiday as there are various deals for city breaks as it’s the quietest month of the year for travel.

“If you can avoid weekends, you’re likely to be able to shave even more off the price. Also, flights in the afternoon are often cheaper,” says Coulthurst.

Tuesday is often the cheapest day of the week to depart and UK airports are always quietest on a Tuesday, she adds. Who knew?

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How To Save Money Once Abroad

When abroad, shops and restaurants may ask you if you’d prefer to pay in sterling or the local currency when using a credit or debit card. Opt for the former and the exchange rate will be set by the store or restaurant rather than your card provider. That’s unlikely to be as competitive and could see you spending more than you need to.

“You can save lots by getting a credit card that is specifically designed for overseas spending. Just be sure to clear your balance each month,” Coulthurst adds.

Before going out, search online for good value restaurants where locals like to eat. Look at online reviews so you don’t end up going to expensive tourist places. “The best tip is to ask locals or restaurant workers in nice restaurants where they like to eat – you’re likely to get some gems and eat where the locals eat,” she says.

Five good holiday deals

These deals are recommended by Coulthurst and correct at the time of publication. Deals can change, so be sure to check the details before you buy!

Bali, Indonesia: Sun Island Hotel & Spa Legian, 4* room only. Depart Manchester on 8 Nov for 13 nights from £807pp

Cancun, Mexico: Crown Paradise Club Cancún, 4* all inclusive. Depart Birmingham on 1 Nov for seven nights from £882pp

Tunisia, Paradis Palace, Hammamet, 4* all-inclusive. Depart London Gatwick on 12th November 2021 for 7 nights for two adults from £292pp

Costa Blanca: Vistamar Apartments, Benidorm, 3* self-catering. Depart Gatwick on 31 Oct for seven nights for two adults from £196pp

Dubai: Park Regis kris kin hotel, 5* half board. Depart 10 Nov for six nights for two adults from £538pp

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