13/02/2017 15:31 GMT

Grammys 2017: Beyoncé's Twins Appear To Kick Inside Her Belly In Performance Video Clip

Do you think it's true?

Beyoncé nailed her songs at the Grammys 2017, but it wasn’t just her performance that people were raving about. 

Fans claim that you can see the pregnant singer’s twins “moving” in her belly while she sung ‘Love Drought’ from her album ‘Lemonade’.

Twitter user ‘NorrisButNoChuk’ shared a nine-second clip of Beyoncé  laying down as the camera zooms in on her stomach. 

It’s hard to tell whether the movement on her belly is an effect of the flashing lights on her sequinned outfit, but there’s no doubt that there’s some movement there.

”She really sang: ‘You’re my lifeline and you’re tryna kill me’ flawlessly while the twins were kicking around,” the Twitter user wrote.

The video was liked more than 13,000 times in less than 12 hours.

Many Beyoncé fans believe the clip does capture the twins moving around in their mother’s belly.  

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