02/02/2017 09:56 GMT

12 Times Blue Ivy Perfectly Summed Up Our Feelings About Beyoncé's Pregnancy

We need to calm down.

So, it is official, Beyoncé is pregnant again

Queen Bey announced the news on her Instagram last night that she is expanding her beehive by not one, but two, and we couldn’t be more pleased about the news. 

Not only will it make the Carters parents to three mini divas, but it makes Blue Ivy officially the coolest big sibling in the world. 

These are 12 times Blue perfectly summed up our feelings over the last 24 hours.

1. When we had been waiting for some good news to save us from the Trump apocalypse. 

2. When we couldn’t believe what we were hearing. 

3. When we had to do a double take. 

4. When we couldn’t contain our excitement. 

5. When we couldn’t Whatsapp our friends fast enough.

6. When we realised it isn’t just one Carter babies, but two. 

7. When we were so impressed with her photo props. 

8. When we realised what everyone’s Halloween costume is going to be this year.

9.  When we realised Blue and her siblings are basically a mini Destiny’s Child.

10. When we need to take a moment to process it all. 

11. When we realised there won’t be a tour anytime soon.

12. But we don’t care because, babies.