Beyoncé Sent A Not-So-Secret Message With Her Earring

Is this 'Lemonade' round two?

Beyoncé has got the whole internet talking once again and this time with only a simple jewellery choice.

To celebrate her 35th birthday on Sunday 4 September, Queen Bey headed to the Philadelphia Made in America festival with husband Jay-Z, and - naturally - they were captured by the paparazzi.

Michael Zorn/Invision/AP

But look a little closer at the images and you’ll see she was trying to tell us all something.

It took fans a couple of days to catch on, but some eagle eyed members of the BeyHive spotted the not-so-secret message in the pop star’s earring.

The earring in question is made by jeweller Nadine Ghosn, and will set you back a whopping $1,200 (£956) for just one.

It is, however, made from 18-carat rose gold and studded with white diamonds.

Nadine Ghosn Shut Up Earring, £956 from
Nadine Ghosn Shut Up Earring, £956 from
Nadine Ghosn

Just who Beyoncé wanted to ‘shut up’ is unknown. Jay-Z? The press still speculating on her marriage? (Soz B).

Either way, people felt extremely aligned with the earring’s message.

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