Beyoncé Tried The 'Everybody On Mute' Challenge With Her Brazilian Fans. It Did Not Go To Plan.

We can relate, tbh.
Beyoncé performing on the Renaissance tour over the summer
Beyoncé performing on the Renaissance tour over the summer
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

Beyoncé fans couldn’t believe their eyes on Thursday night when the Queen Bey paid them a surprise visit during an event to celebrate the release of her Renaissance concert film.

Footage captured from the Club Renaissance celebration showed the legendary singer paying her Brazilian fans a visit for the first time in over a decade – and the reaction from the crowd was, understandably, enormous.

“Brazil, I love you so much,” she told her Brazilian fans (per The Hollywood Reporter). “I came because I love you so much. … It was very important to be here, right here.”

She also explained: “I was not able to come [to Brazil] for the Renaissance tour, but I’m so happy to give the Renaissance film, so you guys can be a part of the Renaissance. Because you are the Renaissance.”

During her brief Club Renaissance appearance, Beyoncé also reprised a key moment from her latest tour, trying out the “everybody on mute” challenge.

However, it’s fair to say that the fans in attendance were a little too overcome with excitement at being so close to their idol to play along…

Frankly, we can’t say we blame them.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance film first hit cinemas in many territories at the beginning of December, before the record-breaking Grammy winner revealed earlier this year it was getting an even wider release.

“OK, OK, y’all didn’t have to break my website,” the singer joked alongside the news, which came after her official page briefly broke amid rumours of an impending announcement. “But I told y’all… the Renaissance is not over.”


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