Bianca Gascoigne Admits She's Had 'A Really Hard Time' In Wake Of Jamie O'Hara And CJ Meeks Split

'Being labelled a cheat is such a horrible thing to be labelled.'

Bianca Gascoigne has admitted she has been suffering from anxiety and has barely slept in the aftermath of her ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ relationship with Jamie O’Hara.

The pair had embarked on a relationship while on the Channel 5 reality series, only for him to call things off between them last week.

Their romance had already proven to be a talking point, as while in the house, it emerged Bianca had a boyfriend on the outside world, and has now admitted she is struggling with being labelled a cheat.

Bianca Gascoigne on 'Loose Women'
Bianca Gascoigne on 'Loose Women'
Rex/ITV/Ken McKay

Bianca made an emotional appearance on ‘Loose Women’ on Friday (17 February) to discuss her splits from her ex, CJ Meeks, and Jamie.

“Since I left, I’ve had a really hard time, I’ve not been sleeping, my anxiety, the whole lot,” she told hosts Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha, Coleen Nolan and Kaye Adams.

“Being labelled a cheat is such a horrible thing to be labelled. I know that’s what happened but I’ve never done that before in my life and I never thought I would ever have that label ever. I couldn’t help my feelings towards Jamie. It just slowly developed. In there everything gets intensified.

“That’s actually how I am going to be labelled now. Everything’s a mess. Everything’s a big mess at the moment.”

Pressed on why she didn’t mention her boyfriend in the house, until his existance was revealed by Big Brother, Bianca insisted: “When I got booked for the programme I was single. We had been on and off and obviously that’s how it stayed throughout the whole way. It was difficult for me even not to talk about it. It was something I struggled with, but that’s just the way it ended up being.

“I wish it could have been different. But unfortunately it wasn’t and that’s just how it was.”

Bianca was reunited with former housemate Coleen Nolan
Bianca was reunited with former housemate Coleen Nolan
Rex/ITV/Ken McKay

Of her split with Jamie, she continued: “We were supposed to meet up the day before the story came out and then he messaged me saying it was for personal reasons which I was like fair enough, I hope everything’s OK. I said fair enough, we’ll just meet up whenever.

“Then the next day obviously I read it online that obviously he’d dumped me. But we kind of wasn’t in a relationship anyway. We didn’t have the labels.”

The panellists also read out statements that had been sent in from both men during the course of the interview.

CJ’s read: “Bianca knows the truth and so do I. And, if there was doubt about our relationship she should have said months before, not gone on national television and cheated on me.

“I’ve done nothing wrong in this situation, she has. I adored her. She has to live with what she’s done. She made her bed, now let her lie in it. As I said previously, I wish her all the best.”

Jamie’s rep offered: “Jamie’s feelings inside the house were genuine. He wishes Bianca all the best.”

Becoming tearful, Bianca said: “It’s just been so negative since I’ve left the house.”

Jamie opened up about his reasons for dumping Bianca on Twitter earlier this week, revealing he is trying to get back with his ex-girlfriend.

‘Loose Women’ airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.


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