Jamie O'Hara

The loss of his mother at the age of 17 had a long-lasting effect on him.
Footballer Jamie O’Hara has opened up about his struggles with depression.  The former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star revealed
'It is scary because you just go out to have a good night and you realise how close it could have been to being a lot worse.'
Ex-Premier League footballer Jamie O’Hara has branded an acid attack at a packed Hackney nightclub as “sick” and has released
'Being labelled a cheat is such a horrible thing to be labelled.'
Bianca Gascoigne has admitted she has been suffering from anxiety and has barely slept in the aftermath of her ‘Celebrity
The footballer has cleared things up on Twitter.
Jamie O’Hara has explained his decision to call things off with Bianca Gascoigne.  The footballer dumped his ‘Celebrity Big
’Celebrity Big Brother’ star Jamie O’Hara reportedly split from Bianca Gascoigne to avoid accusations he was “using her”.  The