'Big Brother': Gemma Collins' Face Says It All After Chanelle McCleary Pees On Her In The Pool

It was a typical reaction from The GC.

Not since Lauren Goodger was in the ‘Big Brother’ house have we seen a housemate urinate in the pool with such shamelessness - but contestant Chanelle McCleary has managed it.

The reality star peed-off (pun very much intended) houseguest Gemma Collins after having a wee during a late-night dip.

The housemates were all enjoying a drinking session together in the pool, when Chanelle decided to relief herself whilst right next to the ‘TOWIE’ star.

Chanelle took a wee in the 'BB' pool next to Gemma
Chanelle took a wee in the 'BB' pool next to Gemma
Channel 5

And The GC being The GC, she made her revulsion pretty clear.

“Do you know, that’s so fucking bad,” she told Chanelle. “This is a piss take.”

She also didn’t see the funny side when some of the girls pointed out she’d made an unintentional pun either.

However, Gem was even more grossed out during a later conversation with Ellie Young, who made a rather disgusting pee-related admission.

Gemma explained she “felt violated” that she’d been “pissed on”, adding: “Oh babe, I ain’t ever been pissed on - they wouldn’t have the cheek to do it.”

This prompted Ellie to say: “I’ve pissed in someone’s mouth before.”

Gemma’s reaction to this was suitably priceless:

As long-term ‘Big Brother’ fans will remember, The Goodge received a warning from ‘Big Brother’ for peeing in the pool, and it remains to be seen if Chanelle will also be punished.

However, she was admonished by her fellow housemates last week, when the jacuzzi was declared out of bounds by Big Brother due to a similar incident.

‘Big Brother’ continues tonight (15 June) at 10pm on Channel 5.

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