08/06/2017 11:34 BST | Updated 08/06/2017 11:57 BST

'Big Brother': Sukhvinder Javeed And Kayleigh Morris Clash... Over Bran Flakes

'Where’s your hygiene? I’m trying to eat bran flakes!'

Long-time ‘Big Brother’ fans will know that certain things are inevitable whenever you coop up a load of people in a house together and take away their contact with the outside world.

First off, someone is going to snog. Second, there’s going to be tears as people realise how different the experience is compared to what their expectations. And invariably, there’s going to be a heated row over something completely trivial.

In the past, Oxo cubes, bananas, verrucas and mashed potato have all been responsible for housemates coming to blows, and this year’s show has already had its first ridiculous argument.

And this one involves… bran flakes.

Channel 5
Sukhvinder was not impressed when her bran session was disturbed

Allow us to explain.

It all started when Sukhvinder Javeed was trying to enjoy some tasty bran flakes during a moment in the kitchen, but became irritated when Kayleigh Morris began brushing her hair near where she was eating.

When Sukhvinder suggested this maybe wasn’t ideal housemate behaviour, Kayleigh insisted: “I’m brushing it down, I’m brushing it away, maybe you need to stop being so judgemental?”

Channel 5
Kayleigh and Sukhvinder have come to blows already

Suffice to say, Sukhvinder was not best pleased at this accusation.

“Being judgemental?” she fired back, “Maybe you want to stop brushing your hair while I’m trying to eat.

“When you’re eating your dinner, I’ll come and brush my hair right next to you. Where’s your hygiene? I’m trying to eat bran flakes!”

So far this series, Arthur Fulford has been involved in the most disputes, getting on the wrong side of Joe Quaranta when he suggested he was wearing make-up, and rubbing Imran Javeed up the wrong way during a debate about benefits.

See Sukhvinder and Kayleigh’s row in tonight’s (8 June), kicking off at 8pm on ITV.

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