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'Big Brother': Annihilation Week Continues, As The Housemates Are Divided Into 'Rich' And 'Poor'

This is going to have serious consequences.

As Annihilation Week continues to wreak havoc in the ‘Big Brother’ compound, the remaining housemates are rocked by yet another twist in tonight’s (14 July) episode.

With £20,000 already having been docked from this year’s prize fund, Big Brother offers the remaining housemates the chance to pocket a small amount of what’s left for themselves.

Each housemate is called to the Diary Room and asked one simple question: “Do you want to be rich or poor?”

Channel 5
Alex faces a tough decision in the Diary Room

Unbeknown to the contestants, their choices have big consequences, with the “rich” housemates receiving a cut of the prize money and a life of luxury, while the “poor” ones will be forced to survive on basic rations.

Surprisingly, just three housemates opted to go for the “rich” option, with Alex Cannon, Jackson Blyton and Ryan Ruckledge each choosing to put themselves up for a life of luxury.

In a move of solidarity following last night’s shock twist - which saw Jason Burrill pocketing 20% of the prize fund - the rest of the housemates had their food and bedding confiscated and replaced with basic rations and rags.

Channel 5
There's a shock in store for the house

The rest of the group, unsurprisingly, weren’t happy with their newly-rich housemates, with Evelyn Ellis fuming in the Diary Room: “Nothing wrong with taking the money.

“The thing that pissed me off is Alex and Jackson were going on about integrity last night and that they wouldn’t take the money… now there’s 10k off the prize money!”

Jackson later realised he may have had a mistake, lamenting: “I should be buzzing…I’m going to be gone for that movement. No one will trust me!”

Channel 5
Has Jackson made a huge mistake?

However, the poor housemates get their revenge when they steal some food from their rich counterparts… which doesn’t go unnoticed by the watchful eyes of Big Brother.

Find out how they’re punished in Thursday’s ‘Big Brother’, airing at 9pm on Channel 5.

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