Big Brother Fans Can't Cope As Things Take A Steamy Turn Between Henry And Jordan

The "Jenry" romance was taken to a new level – and fans have gone wild for the drama.
Henry and Jordan in the Big Brother garden
Henry and Jordan in the Big Brother garden

We’re now into the last week of the rebooted series of Big Brother (*sob*).

But if you thought things were going to start winding down in the house in the lead-up to the final, you’d be very much mistaken.

This series, fans have been hooked by the love triangle relationship between Matty, Henry and Jordan.

And while Jordan has long maintained that his feelings towards Tory food writer Henry are purely platonic, their actions in the hottub during Sunday’s episode told a very different story.

Here’s what went down on X (previously known as Twitter) after the scene aired…

Fans were gagged when a teaser clip for the episode showed lawyer Jordan sharing a kiss with Henry – and waited patiently until Sunday evening to see what exactly went down:

And then when the show was finally broadcast, fans were obsessed with the reaction from the other housemates:

Some were thrilled that Henry had finally sealed a public kiss with Jordan, after weeks of sneaking pecks in private:

Although others were a little concerned about the repercussions for Henry the next day:

Many fans couldn’t hide their excitement when things developed even further as the two shared yet another kiss inside the bedroom:

And others were keen to get Richard Curtis on speed dial:

Love Island who?

But while some viewers are branding Jordan and Henry a modern day romance, one fan did have a very fair point to make:

Big Brother continues on Monday at 9pm on ITV2.


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