Big Brother Host AJ Odudu Is Not Here For Trish Being Referred To As 'Aggressive'

“She said ‘bully’ one time... and how many times has he labelled her ‘aggressive’. I rest my case.”
Big Brother host AJ Odudu
Big Brother host AJ Odudu

Big Brother host AJ Odudu has weighed in amid the ongoing drama inside the house.

Tension has been mounting among the housemates since Trish called Paul a “bully” after the way he’d treated Noky and other contestants during a party last week.

Although Trish and Paul cleared the air before his eviction on Friday night, the argument has been brought up on multiple occasions since, including during Sunday night’s highlights show.

During the episode, Tom was heard saying: “I think that when we are having arguments in here throwing names around like ‘bully’ and stuff, we do need to watch out what we are doing.”

In the wake of Paul’s eviction, Tom also told Trish she was being “aggressive” when she responded “that’s nice” to Chanelle dismissing herself from a group discussion, in which the housemates had attempted to clear the air.

“Trish, don’t be like that,” Tom told her. “That comes across really aggressive to Chanelle. Trish that comes across way too aggressive to Chanelle.”

Trish in the Big Brother house last week
Trish in the Big Brother house last week
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Following Tuesday night’s show, Late & Live guest Yinka Bokinni brought up Tom’s declaration that he would “forgive but not forget”, questioning: “How many times can you sing the same song?”

“I know,” AJ agreed. “It is a shame that, actually. Because they do keep banging that drum, don’t they?

“She said ‘bully’ one time... and how many times has he labelled her ‘aggressive’. I rest my case. Do you know what I mean?”

The Late & Live panel, which also included Fleur East and Charlene White, also spoke about other labels that had been used to describe Trish in recent history.

When AJ asked her guests whether they are “tired of the ‘strong’ narrative placed on Trish?”, they responded with a unanimous: “Yes.”

“We are overtired,” Fleur said, with Yinka continuing: “We’re exhausted.”

“Shattered,” Charlene then agreed.

During Tuesday night’s highlights show, the housemates’ friends and family entered the house – but only half of the contestants could see their loved ones.

Trish was among the unlucky ones who was not able to see her sister, after Henry and Tom reasoned that Olivia needed the pick-me-up more, and that “strong” Trish would cope better with missing out.

At the end of the episode, Jenkin told Trish she was “stronger than I thought” after how she reacted to her sister not being allowed to enter the house.

Fans of Big Brother later took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to show their support to AJ and the Late & Live panel after they called out the terms that were being used to describe Trish in the house.

Big Brother continues on Wednesday night at 9pm on ITV2.


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