26/06/2017 08:30 BST | Updated 26/06/2017 12:16 BST

'Big Brother': Lotan Carter Ejected After Throwing Drink At Housemates

His threatening behaviour and language led to his ejection.

‘Big Brother’ contestant Lotan Carter has become the second of this year’s contestants to be ejected from the house via the back door, after an explosive row with his fellow contestants.

The row started off as a pretty standard ‘BB’ argument, with Lotan calling out newbie Isabelle Warburton for looking in the mirror, while the other girls pointed out that she’d been adjusting her microphone.

Channel 5
Lotan Carter and Tom Barber point and laugh at Isabelle, hardly the recipe for harmony

A frustrated Isabelle then questioned what kind of role model Lotan was to his son for speaking to people in the way that he did, at which point things blew up, and he threw his drink in her direction, accidentally hitting sisters Deborah and Hannah Agboola in the process.

This was when a huge-scale fight escalated, with Deborah and Hannah shouting at Lotan, who was then called to the Diary Room but only stayed for a minute, despite protestations from the rest of the house who urged him to leave the living room.

Channel 5
Lotan throws his drink

Security then arrived on the scene, separating the housemates who were all shouting at one another and insisting that Lotan return to the Diary Room, where he fumed that he’d reacted “in the same way” as “any man”.

The Dreamboys stripper claimed: “I should have never thrown my drink anywhere. I didn’t even release my glass to be honest. I was fuming. I think any man would have reacted in the same way at least.

“When you’ve got people who are way more intimidating than I could ever f**king be. If I’m intimidating because of my structure, for what I do for a living and who I am, I’m confident that’s their problem not mine.

“I never act it, I’m not jumping in someone’s face, touching anyone inappropriately. I’m not going to be put in a position where I’m going to be persecuted for being a male.

“Fuck the TV show, fuck the situation and fuck the girls who went off.”

Channel 5
Security arrives in the house

At the end of the episode, viewers saw Lotan speaking to Big Brother privately, where he was informed that due to his behaviour, he was being immediately removed.

Earlier this month, Kayleigh Morris was also shown the door after making violent threats towards fellow housemate Chanelle McCleary.

Meanwhile, Sukhvinder Javeed and Arthur Fulford both chose to leave the house of their own accord earlier in the series.

See the fallout from Lotan’s exit in Monday’s (26 June) ‘Big Brother’ highlights show, at 10pm on Channel 5.

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