15/06/2017 15:15 BST | Updated 16/06/2017 08:26 BST

'Big Brother': Ofcom Receives Complaints Over 'Alleged Racism'

Some viewers felt a line was crossed.

The most recent ‘Big Brother’ argument has led to a string of Ofcom complaints, it has been revealed.

In last night’s (14 June) show, viewers saw Deborah Agboola getting into it with Lotan Carter and Rebecca Jane, after the latter branded her “aggressive” during a row.

Channel 5
Rebecca and Deborah voice their grievances with one another

She told Rebecca at the time: “If I took away my skin colour - and I’m going to take it there - no one would say I’m aggressive.

“If you walked in my shoes every day and spoke the way I spoke and 10 million people told you that you were aggressive... I take [being called aggressive] personally.”

Later, during a private moment in the Diary Room, her sister Hannah Agboola, who was involved in a similar row with Lotan, said: “When you’re a black girl, they like to take advantage of you and try to get the worst out of you. I am Hannah, before colour. I am Hannah, before being 22. I am Hannah, before being Nigerian.”

As reported by Digital Spy, nine ‘BB’ fans have now complained to Ofcom regarding the separate incidents, with a spokesperson confirming: “We have received nine complaints relating to alleged racism in last night’s episode of ‘Big Brother’. We will assess these complaints before deciding whether or not to investigate.”

A ‘Big Brother’ spokesperson told HuffPost UK: “We are monitoring the house very closely and will not tolerate behaviour from any housemate likely to cause widespread offence.”

Of course, ‘Big Brother’ is no stranger to an Ofcom incident, with statistics revealing last year that the reality show is the most complained-about in the TV watchdog’s history.

‘Big Brother’ continues on Thursday (15 June) at 10pm on Channel 5.

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