07/03/2018 12:23 GMT | Updated 07/03/2018 13:55 GMT

Former 'Big Brother' Star Rebekah Shelton Opens Up About 'Damaging' Death Hoax

'For a second I thought ‘am I dead?’. It’s funny now but it’s not good emotionally.'

Former ‘Big Brother’ housemate Rebekah Shelton has opened up about the ordeal she faced earlier this year when it was falsely reported she’d died.

Back in January, a tweet was posted from Rebekah’s official Twitter page, claiming passed away at the age of 32.

However, hours later, Rebekah removed the post and shared a video, claiming her account had been hacked and the tweet was a hoax.

Rebekah Shelton appearing on 'The Jeremy Kyle Show'

Opening up about the “damaging” experience on Wednesday’s (7 March) celebrity edition of ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’, Rebekah admitted she was so overwhelmed to wake up to a sea of tribute messages she was even left questioning whether she had died herself.

She explained: “I woke up to many messages on my phone of people saying I was an angel saying ‘rest in peace’ because now your problems have finished and things like that.

“And for a second I thought ‘am I dead?’. It’s funny now but it’s not good emotionally, it’s very damaging.”

Rebekah went on to claim the tweet announcing her death was posted as a cruel move by her lover’s wife, suggesting: “His wife knows everything, that’s the problem - she’s the stalker; the one who posted the tweet.”

Following the initial tweet from Rebekah’s account, many former ‘Big Brother’ stars began paying their respects, including ‘Bit On The Side’ presenter Rylan Clark-Neal and the show’s official Twitter page.

She also denied the suggestion she’d posted the tweet herself for attention or publicity, insisting: “You know who [said that]? A couple of losers. You know where they are now? I don’t know either.”

Brazil-born Rebekah took part in ‘Big Brother’ in 2009, under her former name, Rodrigo Lopes. She was best remembered by reality TV fans for her unabashed love of the Queen, and brief romance with fellow housemate Charlie Drummond.

Three years after leaving the house, Rebekah came out as transgender, and has since made guest spots on spin-off show ‘Big Brother’s Bit On The Side’, as well as an appearance on ‘Judge Rinder’ which aired last year. She also briefly starred in an episode of ‘Hollyoaks’.

‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ airs every weekday morning at 9.25am on ITV.

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