This Man Wants A Wife, So He's Running A Billboard Campaign To Find Her

It's a sign. You've found the one (maybe).
Mohammed Malik on one of his bold billboards.
Mohammed malik
Mohammed Malik on one of his bold billboards.

Finding the “one” is no easy feat. But some are more ahead of the game than others. Take Mohammed Malik. The 29-year-old innovation consultant from London has decided on an unconventional route to find a wife.

He’s erected 20-feet billboards around the UK.

Malik, who moons as an entrepreneur, and describes himself as “spiritual” and “a foodie” (he’s an ENFP personality type on the Myers Briggs test, for those wondering), grew tired of traditional forms of courting.

Instead of relying on the whims of matchmakers or dating apps, Malik wanted to narrow his search down by advertising himself and seeing who’d bite.

The series of billboards (though Malik doesn’t have an exact number of how many), erected in London’s Southhall, Birmingham’s Golden Hillock Road, Hockley Circus and near the Perry Barr Greyhound Track, and 2-3 around Manchester, show him reclining comfortably, while pointing cheekily to the words, “Save me from an arranged marriage”. They also link to a website (aptly named that lists his interests and a bit more detail about him.

Unsurprisingly, Malik’s antics have gained a lot of traction online, with many applauding him for his bold move. Naturally, we had to speak to Malik to find how his search is going.

Malik hard at work
Mohammed malik
Malik hard at work

Malik explains that the initial idea came from a friend to whom who he’d lamented about the difficulty of finding someone in a pandemic. The pal had advised that Malik put himself out there. So he did.

“I did this probably because of my personality – I’m creative, love doing the most random and absurd (but 100% halal of course!) things,” he tells HuffPost UK. “Traditional methods, such as ‘rishta aunties’ [in south Asian culture, women in the family circle who double up as matchmakers] didn’t work for me so thought why not take it to the billboards!”

His website shows a video of him listing his qualities and interests as well as what he’s looking for, and of course plenty of flattering images of Malik being Malik.

So now that we know what he’s like now, what kind of partner is Malik looking for?

“I’m looking for a Muslim woman who, like me, wants to learn more about our religion,” he says. “I’m open to any ethnicity but I’ve got a loud Punjabi family so the banter’s gotta be there. Personality over everything, always!”

And is the search proving fruitful? “It’s early days but responses thus far have been in the double digits – keep them coming! I’m hoping to find the one.”

Despite his bold branding slogan, Malik isn’t actually against arranged marriage, but would rather the onus was on him to find his forever person (and yes, it’s a genuine search).

Of course, the placement of 20-feet high billboards across multiple locations in two thriving cities, means it’s not just potential suitors who see the signs.

His family and friends have also spotted his campaign – how could they miss it? – and actually love the idea.

“In terms of reception, it’s been mostly shock from my friends and fam! Many thought it was a Photoshop job when they saw it online. Others thought it was a prank someone played. And my work friends said it’s pure genius and a proper gutsy thing to do – so they’re rating it it seems!”

If anyone has taken an interest in Malik, you can chat to him via a Google form on his website.

Best of luck to Malik!