being single

From solo discos and meditation, to journalling and dress-up days – here, six readers tell us how they're making it work.
Without compromising on your commute, you're quids in – or so this data shows.
The actor told British Vogue it took her a "long time" to enjoy being single, but now she's "very happy".
Throughout my 30s, being single made me depressed and angry.
Don’t get me wrong: There are moments ― the holidays, birthdays, even Valentine’s Day ― when the struggle of loneliness can be real.
'My expectations had been influenced by the paths taken by my married parents, sister and friends.'
Your family probably knows better than to bring up politics at the holiday dinner table.
'It’s healthy to be around others, but it’s also healthy to be comfortable enough to spend time by yourself.'
Living alone definitely has its moments. In fact, it can be downright awesome. And Yaoyao Ma Van As, a 34-year-old painter