Biscuit Shortage Update: We're Now Flying Biscuits In From Dubai

Biscuit shortage shocker takes a U-turn.

Biscuit crisis getting you down? Fear not, because biscuit warriors from Dubai have come to the rescue.

Two Boeing 777s from Dubai have touched down in the UK and they're filled to the rafters with biscuits, it has been confirmed.

The biscuits were sent to replenish dwindling supermarket supplies in the UK.

The national shortage was caused by Britain's biggest biscuit factory being forced to cancel production due to severe flooding.

Biscuits are coming.
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images
Biscuits are coming.

The 'Biscuit Works' factory in Carlisle was flooded after Storm Desmond hit the UK back in December, resulting in halted production.

It was previously estimated that the 'Biscuit Works' factory in Carlisle wouldn't be back in action until April. Much to everyone's dismay.

The factory has since confirmed it will be back up and running by the end of March, however the whole ordeal has still had a drastic effect on the number of biscuits produced.

Favourites including custard creams, bourbons and ginger nuts have been slowly disappearing from supermarket shelves.

Luckily for us, two Boeing 777s were chartered in from Dubai, filled to the brim with biscuits.

The news was confirmed by officials at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, who said they were working to help "the Great British public to enjoy a biscuit with their cuppa".

The precious cargo has been touching down in the UK over the past two weeks.

Dayle Hauxwell, cargo manager at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, said: "There has been a lot of press coverage about Britain’s biscuit shortage following the floods in December and we are pleased to hear that the factories hope to be up and running again this month.

"In the meantime we’ve been delighted to welcome two flights from Emirates full of the nation’s favourite biscuits."

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