This Black Friday Hack Could Save You Hundreds On Flights

That's our next holiday sorted.
Woman checks airline schedule at airport.
Maria Korneeva via Getty Images
Woman checks airline schedule at airport.

We’ve written before about how to keep an eye out for Black Friday ‘duds’ and the best ways to ensure you don’t overspend on the big day. But all the advice is for items like electric toothbrushes and blenders; what about experiences, like holidays or flights?

Thankfully, Shahab Siddiqui, founder of, has shared that not only are Black Friday flight deals definitely a thing; but there are also some pretty foolproof ways to get your hands on the best offers.

For instance, you’ve probably heard of Cyber Monday, a post-black Friday sales boom, before. But chances are you (like me) had no idea about the little-known event that is Travel Tuesday.

Apparently, the Tuesday following Black Friday can sometimes offer better flight deals than the day itself. “If you miss out on Black Friday remember there is always Travel Tuesday which is only a few days after. Less bargain-hunters know about this which means airlines may be offering better deals later in the week,” Siddiqui shared.

We thought we’d share even more of his advice:

1) Be flexible with your holiday plans

Those who are willing to budge a little on exactly where and when they take their holidays are much more likely to snap up a bargain, experts at FlightFinder say.

“The more flexible you are, the more likely it will be to bag a deal. Search for flights midweek or during unsociable hours to find cheaper options,” they advise ― after all, if you’re booking now, you’ll have loads of time to prep time off.

“As well as being flexible with times and dates, when searching for flights consider using the ‘fly anywhere’ option. This way you’re increasing the chance to find a cheap holiday whilst potentially finding a different country you hadn’t thought of visiting,” they added.

2) Keep an eye out for hidden costs

Anyone who’s signed up for an apparent bargain only to realise that bringing a single suitcase brings your flight price up to regular fees will understand this. “Before confirming your booking, watch out for hidden fees such as specific seat reservations and in-flight entertainment,” Siddiqui says.

3) Sign up for emails and keep an eye on social media

”It’s important to be prepared for when the discounts start coming in to make sure you’re actually getting the lowest price possible,” advises Siddiqui.

So, that means keeping a weather eye on your inbox ― and peeping those airline IG stories, too.

4) Early bird catches the worm

The morning is the best time to catch a deal, experts at FlightFinder say.

“If possible, jump on your laptop or phone early in the morning to increase your chances of a better Black Friday deal before the flight sells out or tickets become more expensive,” the pros reckon.

Well, catch me logging onto my laptop at the crack of dawn next Tuesday...