Black Friday Problems: 11 Tweets That Perfectly Summarise The Struggle Of Sale Shopping

'Someone almost fought us over a parking spot this morning.'

It’s Black Friday and, unless you possess some Jedi-like restraint, you’ve probably already spent most of this month’s wages on a fancy TV or lace jumpsuit you never knew you needed.

While saving money on luxury goods is great, sometimes sale shopping has its downfalls.

Here are some of them...

1. You spent your morning fighting over parking spaces.

2. And waiting in the mother of all queues.

3. Which resulted in you panic-buying a whole load of crap that you didn’t need.

4. You tried hard to be rational but realised you have a split personality when it comes to shopping - and the dark side always wins.

5. It wasn’t long before you were fielding calls about your bank account being ‘compromised’.

6. Defeated by your credit card, you then had a meltdown when further reductions were announced.

7. Armed with bags, you went home, your body suffering from your day’s endeavour.

8. You started the day with money and now you have none.

9. And you’re being bombarded by constant reminders of how poor you are.

10. And suffering a severely clogged email inbox.

11. But even though you’re destined to spend December eating beans on toast, spare a thought for the poor retail workers who had to put up with your shit all day.