19/08/2016 10:58 BST

Scientists May Have Found A Way We Can Use Our Phones Before Bed Without Ruining Our Sleep

So we can scroll to our heart's content.

We all know how using our phones and devices in bed is having a negative impact on our sleep patterns

Sleep experts suggest that we put our devices away at least an hour before shut eye in order to get the most restful beauty sleep possible.

But, because we are all completely dependent on our iPhones and unable to go to bed without one last scroll through Facebook, scientists have been trying to find a solution.

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It has been suggested by scientists at the Uppsala University in Sweden that exposure to more light in the daytime could actually solve the problem. 

The team found that young people who got lots of exposure to bright light during the day were less likely to experience disturbed sleep at night.

Frida Rangtell said: “Our main finding was that following daytime bright light exposure, evening use of a self-luminous tablet for 2 hours did not affect sleep in young healthy students.”


These findings point to the possibility that we could mitigate the damaging effects of blue light by making sure we get outside more.

Team leader Christian Benedict said: “Our results could suggest that light exposure during the day, by means of outdoor activities or light interventions in offices, may help combat sleep disturbances associated with evening blue light stimulation.”

In March 2016, Apple introduced the Night Shift tool which aimed to reduce the damaging consequences of late-night phone use.

The feature turns the blue light on your phone to warmer oranges and reds in order to reduce the negative impact of the blue light.