20/02/2017 11:25 GMT

'Blue Planet 2' Confirmed For New Series, With Sir David Attenborough Returning To Narrate

It follows the success of 'Planet Earth'.

Sir David Attenborough is to front a new series of ‘Blue Planet’, 16 years on from the original.

The nature documentary series will further explore underwater worlds and feature a fresh cast of extraordinary aquatic animals.

Sir David Attenborough will narrate 'Blue Planet II'

Filmmakers from BBC’s natural history unit have spent the last four years gathering footage for the new seven-part series, which Sir David will narrate.

Speaking of the new series, he said: “I am truly thrilled to be joining this new exploration of the underwater worlds which cover most of our planet, yet are still its least known.”

News of ‘Blue Planet II’ comes following the success of Sir David’s most recent series, ‘Planet Earth II’, which attracted of over 10 million viewers last year, beating ITV’s ‘The X Factor’ in the ratings. 

In ‘Blue Planet II’, viewers will encounter surprising new landscapes such as methane volcanoes in the Gulf of Mexico, and the so-called ‘boiling sea’ phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean.


Film crews have also used new technology to explore the Antarctic deep at 1000m for the very first time.

Astonishing new creatures will also feature, including hairy-chested Hoff crabs, snub fin dolphins that spit water through the air and a tool-using tusk fish.


Executive producer, James Honeyborne, added: “The oceans are the most exciting place to be right now, because new scientific discoveries have given us a new perspective of life beneath the waves.

“'Blue Planet II’ is taking its cue from these breakthroughs, unveiling unbelievable new places, extraordinary new behaviours and remarkable new creatures. Showing a contemporary portrait of marine life, it will provide a timely reminder that this is a critical moment for the health of the world’s oceans.”

‘Blue Planet II’ will air later this year on BBC One. 

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