Planet Earth

The Brit Award winner will play the grand piano on the soundtrack to Attenborough's latest BBC show.
Sir David has been broadcasting for 60 years.
Sir David Attenborough has revealed that, despite six decades spent joyfully bringing the wonders of the natural world to
From guided tours to 3D viewing, the new Google Earth is loaded with some impressive updates – and the best part is that
Telling stories that inspire must be at the heart of getting people back into nature and captivating the next generation. Films and radio produced by the Natural History Unit will without any doubt play an essential role in allowing us to see the sheer beauty and diversity of wildlife around the world and getting us in to nature in our own backyard.
Sir David Attenborough is to front a new series of ‘Blue Planet’, 16 years on from the original. The nature documentary series
Otters are great, and now here's the proof...
It turns out that otters haven’t always been the cute little cup-stacking sea creatures we know today.  In fact, a study