Blue Wine Is Now A Thing And It's Electrifying

It's blue-da-ba-dee-da-ba-die 🎶

Forget white, red or rosé. In fact, forget orange wine too.

Because blue wine is now a thing and we're not sure whether to be scared or intrigued by it.

Gik Wine

The electric blue wine is produced by Spanish wine company Gik.

It's made using red and white grapes and the bright blue hue comes from a pigment found in grape skin which is mixed with indigo dye.

On Gik's website, the company asks customers to open their minds to the unusual colour and "ignore all the preconceptions and standards regarding [the] wine industry".

The wine is apparently best served chilled and is perfect to drink with sushi, nachos, pasta carbonara and smoked salmon.

Despite it looking like something you'd find in the chemicals cupboard in science class, it is actually quite sweet to taste and is described as "slightly acid, with a sudden cheerful, sweet burst".

The wine will be available in the UK over the coming months, costing £8 a bottle.

Maybe we'll try a glass or two after all.