Black Panty Liners Now Exist To Match Your Favourite Knickers

Praise the period gods 🙏

Every woman knows the struggle of teaming white sanitary towels with black undies. It looks like you’re smuggling napkins in your gusset - not the sexiest and 100% not subtle.

Thankfully, Bodyform is on the case. The sanitary provider has released black panty liners (for £1.50) so you can officially wear those snazzy black knickers while on your period and no-one need know what lies beneath.

Juliet Facey spotted a box of liners and tweeted about the product, branding it “ingenious”. She added: “Why has nobody done this before? I don’t really have a problem with them normally, but this makes so much sense.”

The new black panty liners.
The new black panty liners.

Bodyform said it launched the new product - the UK’s only black liner - so your panty liners will no longer (in the words of Rihanna) ‘shine bright like a diamond’ when teamed with black undies.

The liners are a special shape - wider at the front and slimmer at the neck - to ensure flexibility. They are also “breathable, like cotton underwear, for all-day comfort and long-lasting freshness, whatever you’re doing”.

The mould has been specially designed to fits the curve of a woman’s body, enabling it to stay securely in place.

Traci Baxter, Bodyform’s marketing manager, said: “With many women’s wardrobes beginning and ending with black, we knew we needed to develop a product that would fit seamlessly and discreetly in black underwear.”

For those concerned about the safety of the dye which colours the liners, a spokesperson told HuffPost UK: “Dye is added to the polymer fiber so the dye is inside the fibers and can’t be rubbed off.

“All materials used in our panty liners, including carbon black, have passed rigorous product safety approval tests, including skin irritation and allergy tests to ensure they are safe for consumers to use.

“Carbon black is a pigment used in multiple applications and dying processes, for example within the clothing industry.”

The liners, manufactured by hygiene and health company Essity, are available to buy now from retailers nationwide.