19/09/2018 14:22 BST | Updated 19/09/2018 15:42 BST

‘Bodyguard’ Writer Jed Mercurio Fuels Major Fan Theory Ahead Of Series Finale


*WARNING: If you haven’t watched all five episodes yet, then this story will contain spoilers*

The writer of ‘Bodyguard’ has added more fuel to fan theories that one of the main characters isn’t actually dead.

During an interview on Wednesday’s ‘This Morning’, writer Jed Mercurio admitted that he was “enjoying the speculation” that Keeley Hawes’ character, Home Secretary Julia Montague, hadn’t actually been killed off.

'Bodyguard' stars Keeley Hawes (Julia Montague) and Richard Madden (David Budd).

Ahead of this Sunday’s hotly anticipated series finale, Jed refused to confirm whether or not Julia survived a bomb blast in episode three, despite previously stating that she definitely was brown bread.

Her said: “Well I think you need to watch the finale on Sunday night. We’re all sitting back and enjoying the speculation. It’s great that people have their own theories.”

He then cryptically added: “Actually, I do look at some of the bigger theories and it’s interesting that occasionally there’s a grain of truth.” 

Jed Mercurio

Jed had previously killed off actress Keeley Hawes in ‘Line of Duty’, but he remained coy as to whether her ‘Bodyguard’ character had suffered a similar fate.

“That’s also part of the history, the fact that it happened before makes people swing towards the idea that she must obviously be dead,” he said.

“But then there are other things that are in the drama that make the observant people swing towards the idea that possibly that’s a ruse. We’re just sitting back and enjoying the response and the speculation.”

Hmmm, interesting.

Jed confirmed that only one ending has been filmed, insisting there was “no alternative ending”.

He said: “We weren’t in a position where we could commit to doing that and shoot it different ways and then edit it different ways. We definitely have a conclusion and I think that at the end of it people will know exactly what they need to know.”


‘Bodyguard’ has become the biggest drama on British TV in over a decade, so talk has already turned to whether a second series is on the horizon, but Jed claims even he doesn’t know yet.

“We’re just beginning that conversation with the BBC,” he said. “We know that people out there are loving series one and there would be an appetite for series two. We’ll just have to wait and see.

“Richard [Madden] has done a fantastic job on this and we’re all so proud of what he’s achieved and so pleased for him. He’s such a hard working actor and such a lovely guy. It’s great that he’s getting all the attention that he deserves.

“If that character survives then we would have to get into a conversation with Richard about whether he would be available to do another series.”

Teasing what viewers can look forward to ahead of this weekend’s extended 75-minute series conclusion, Jed said: “I can tell you that the episode returns to some of the very tense action style sequences of the first two. 

“There’s lots of action in the last episode and lots of answers to questions that have been in people’s minds these last few weeks.

“I’m really very optimistic that people will get a lot out of the episode and they’ll get the answers that they’re looking for.”

The ‘Bodyguard’ series finale is on BBC One this Sunday 23 September at 9pm.