‘Book And Bed’ Is The Hostel Of Your Inner Bookworm's Dreams

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If you consider yourself to be a bookworm, we may have found your perfect holiday.

‘Book and Bed’ hostels in Japan combine two of the best things in the world: books and sleep.

Each hostel is stocked with 5,000 books for guests to read and visitors can opt to pop in during the day or stay overnight in your very own bookshelf bunkbed.

‘Book and Bed’ currently has two branches, one in Kyoto and a second in Tokyo.

Each hostel includes 20 beds and an open lobby, plus a shared toilet and bathroom. There’s also WIFI available, but let’s face it, you probably won’t be spending much time browsing the internet.

Although the hostels call themselves “bookshops” on their website, the owners confirm this is “just an expression”.

Books are not sold at the hostels, instead you can bring your own or borrow one from the owners’ extensive collection.

The hostel owners are pretty open about the fact that their accommodation isn’t remotely luxurious.

“There are no comfortable mattresses, fluffy pillows nor lightweight and warm down duvets,” their website says.

“What we do offer is an experience while reading a book (or comic book). An experience shared by everyone at least once: the blissful instant of falling asleep.

“It is already 2am but you think ‘just a little more’... with heavy drooping eye lids you continue reading only to realise you have fallen asleep.”

A standard room for the night is just 4,908 Japanese Yen equals, which is the equivalent of around £35.

If it sounds like your kind of holiday, check out more photos of the hostels below or book on the ‘Book and Bed’ website.

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