Bored 12-Year-Old Makes Himself Australian PM Because Internet

'I was just bored and it was a running joke among friends.'

Australia had a new Prime Minister for all of two days thanks to a web-savy 12-year-old.

Orley Fenelon made himself the nation's 30th PM thanks to a few quick edits on Wikipedia, which have now been removed.

The change was spotted by Australian reporter, Tom McIlroy, who noted Fenelon's name appearing on the list on April 11.

The Internet reacted with lightening speed and gave him a hashtag any campaign manager would be proud of: #OrleyForPM2017

The wannabe politician told Mashable that he was surprised by the response.

"I was just bored and it was a running joke among friends.

"We came up with the joke of fooling around with the prime minister.

"Me and a couple of friends were editing Wikipedia pages and it kinda went from there."

Fenelon has since had his account shutdown but maybe that will the first thing he attends to he if ever gets into power.

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