young people

There are even reports of people reselling driving test slots for extortionate prices.
“It is a dishonouring of the traditions and rituals."
Hospitalisations have risen 84% in five years – with boys and young men increasingly impacted.
Nearly 60% of young people are “very” or “extremely” worried about the climate crisis, and 45% say this negatively affects their daily life and functioning.
Marcus Rashford isn't alone – Christina Adane's campaigning led to the government's first U-turn on the issue.
"It doesn’t feel positive to be in this group – it feels like your actual heritage is ignored."
People aged 18-30 are more likely to save than any other age group – but still can't afford to buy a home.
As final year students return to university, they reflect on lessons learned and parties missed.
Economic advantage is being passed down generations – here's how much difference it makes.
While many focus on vaccines for teens, a third of people aged 18-40 still have not received either dose.