Boris Johnson Has Been Given The Privileges Committee Partygate Report: What Next?

The former prime minister's future political career hangs in the balance.
Carl Court via Getty Images

Boris Johnson has now been handed the results of the privileges committee investigation into whether he lied to parliament over partygate.

Its contents could decide his political future.

The committee have been looking into whether the former prime minister misled the Commons when he said no Covid rules were broken in Downing Street.

“All guidance was followed completely in No. 10,” Johnson infamously told parliament on December 1, 2021.

Crucially the committee has been determining whether or not Johnson knew, or should have known, this to be false at the time.

Johnson has since admitted he misled parliament, but insisted he did not do so on purpose as he was following the advice he had been given by officials.

“When the statements were made, they were made in good faith and on the basis of what I honestly knew and believed at the time,” he told the committee.

Now he has the report, Johnson has two weeks to respond to its findings.

Johnson can make further submissions to the committee, which it will take into account before finalising the report.

It will then be handed to the Commons and MPs will vote on whether or not to approve whatever punishment the committee recommends - if any.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Tory MPs would be given a free vote rather than being whipped to vote in a particular way by party bosses.

There are a wide range of options. Johnson could simply be ordered to apologise - or he could be suspended from the Commons.

If he is suspended for 10 sittings days or more, it could trigger a by-election in his Uxbridge and South Ruislip seat.

All it takes for a by-election to take place is for 10% of Johnson’s constituents to sign a recall petition.

Johnson has been the MP for the seat since 2015 and has a majority of 7,210.

Labour, who have come second in every election since the seat’s creation, would fancy their chances of defeating the former PM.

He could of course, also choose not to stand.


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