The Sun's Boris Johnson Front Page Today Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

"Is it possible for a country to die of embarrassment?"

Boris Johnson becoming prime minister was the biggest story of the week. Well, it would have been – if that country hadn’t also been frying alive in an infernal heatwave.

So the question facing newspaper editors on Thursday – after the hottest July day in history had been recorded – was whether to devote their front pages to Johnson’s first day in power, or the sweltering weather?

While The Daily Mirror and The Daily Mail focused on the heat – shouting ‘BOILING POINT’ and ‘COOL IT’, the editors at The Sun decided to try and shoe horn the two together.

The result is a terrifying amalgamation of Boris Johnson’s grinning face and a picture of the sun – a decidedly unnerving image resembling a scene from the hit children’s show, The Teletubbies.

The image quickly spread like wildfire on social media – with the main reaction appearing to be intense embarrassment.


Some people were in denial, refusing to believe the front page was real

Others pointed to the similarity with the Teletubbies

Others found the whole thing really depressing

And others were just really, really scared


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