Watch Zac Goldsmith Make A Joke About Boris Johnson's Penis

Yep, he really did

Zac Goldsmith made a joke about London Mayor Boris Johnson’s, erm, ‘Johnson’, as he called on Tory campaigners to help get him elected to City Hall.

The London Mayoral candidate made the joke about the, erm, size of, ahem, Boris’s, well, you know, at a rally for activists in Wanstead on Thursday evening.

Boris also gave a speech, and claimed Labour is now run by “semi-Marxist, Hugo Chavez worshipping, high-taxing, high spending, garden grabbing, Chateau Neuf du Pape swilling, bendy-bus fetishists.”

But it was Goldsmith’s, well, nob gag, which left activists giggling.

He said: “Size is not everything but it is worth saying that Boris’ majority is very small. I apologise. It is very small, it is very small. I’m not talking about Boris’ Johnson, I’m talking about his majority, Boris’ majority is very, very small. 62,000 votes out of an electorate of 5.8m people, that is 1,000 swing voters in every borough in London.

“If 1,000 people change their vote, Sadiq Khan will be the next mayor of London.

“So I’m here for two reasons: To thank you, you’ve done so much in this campaign, and to beseech you to continue what you’re doing right up until May the 5, thank you so much for all your help.”

Boris used his speech to attack both Khan and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and said:

“You all remember what we had, there was a cabal in City Hall wasn’t there? Of semi-Marxist, Hugo Chavez worshipping, high-taxing, high spending, garden grabbing, Chateau Neuf du Pape swilling, bendy-bus fetishists. Do you remember? And we got them out and guess where they are now. Where are they? They’re running the Labour Party. They’re Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. And do you want, on May the 5, to give a boost to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party?”

He went on to claim Corbyn made former Labour leader Michael Foot “look like a model of common sense” before attacking Sadiq Khan.

He said: “Do you want London to be sending a message of support to someone like Sadiq Khan who lacks judgement to such an extent that I think he hired a speechwriter, a speechwriter, am I right about this?

"A speechwriter who cast doubt on the murder of Lee Rigby and suggested that it had been staged. What sort of judgement have we got in that man? How can he possibly represent Londoners and stick for our city, my friends?

"I hope very much that on May the 5 Our city will come out and do the right and the sensible thing. We need Zac Goldsmith!”

Earlier today, Goldsmith held an #AskZac Q&A on Twitter, which prompted questions about tax avoidance, how many eggs he could fit into his mouth and whether he remembered where Holborn station is.