Tattoo Artist Uses Real Plants As Stencils To Create Stunning Body Art

You have to see this 'botanical fingerprint' ink.

A tattoo artist has found a way to get closer than ever to nature with an ingenious new way of creating body art.

Ukrainian-based Rita “Rit Kit” Zolotukhina creates hyper-real 'botanical fingerprint' tattoos by using plants and flowers as a stencil.

Rather than drawing the designs from scratch, she covers the leaves in ink and lays them across the skin to create a guideline for her tattoo gun.

"I’m a nature lover," Zolotukhina explained to Illusion magazine. "So most of my sketches are related to flora.

"But the more I drew, the more I wanted something fresh and native, to feel the plants without any steps in between."

See more of her incredible work below:

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