Boy In China Cuts Off Finger After Arguing With Father Over Smartphone Addiction

Think you're addicted to your smartphone?

A young boy in China had to undergo emergency surgery after he deliberately cut off his finger following an argument with his father over his smartphone addiction.

Yangzi Evening News

According to Mashable, the 11-year-old boy from Suzhou, China was having a heated argument with his father, who had chastised him for being glued to the tiny screen, and in a fit of rage took a knife and brought it down on his left index finger.

Chinese media goes on to report that the argument had apparently started when the boy's father had asked him to put his phone down and help his brother with his homework.

Unsurprisingly the parents were horrified at the boy's response and he was immediately rushed to hospital.

The boy was urgently admitted and a three hour operation began to try and re-attach the severed finger.

Mashable reports that head surgeon Ren Zhourong was successfully able to re-attach the limb but that it would take a week before it was clear if the operation had worked.

We've heard of being addicted to your technology but this definitely puts things into a whole new perspective.