Boyfriend Accidentally Buys Girlfriend 144 Pairs Of Socks For Christmas

At least her feet will be warm.

Jackson Wade Knight ordered his girlfriend a pack of 12 fuzzy socks for Christmas - or so he thought.

When he received the delivery, he was taken aback by the size of the box.

Instead of receiving one packet of 12 socks, he was faced with 12 packets of 12 socks.

That’s right, he’d accidentally ended up with a whopping 144 pairs, or 288 individual socks.

Knight and his girlfriend, Haven Prevatt, saw the funny side and he tweeted a photo of the huge pile, which has since gone viral.

Thankfully, it was a mistake on the sock company’s behalf, instead of Knight’s, and he was only charged for the one original packet he intended to order.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Knight said he’s tried to contact the company to report the mistake, but has yet to hear back.

As a result, he plans to give the extra pairs to friends and family and take any remaining to a homeless shelter.

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