Guy Scores Major Boyfriend Points By Making Girlfriend's Kitten Tiny Pancakes

'When your girlfriend goes out of town and says ‘don’t forget to feed our cat.''

Chase Stout and Kenzie Jones recently adopted an oh-so-adorable kitten, who they named Mr Wilson.

But just weeks after welcoming the tiny kitty into their home, Jones had to go away for a few days.

As the mumma of the house, she was a little worried about leaving Mr Wilson behind and gave her boyfriend strict instructions about looking after him.

Turns out she had nothing to worry about.

Stout recently posted a photo on Twitter of some tiny pancakes he made for Mr Wilson, along with the caption: “When your girlfriend goes out of town and tells you ‘don’t forget to feed our cat.”

Chase Stouttwitter

His post has been liked more than 76,000 times, and judging by a second photo he shared of Mr Wilson tucking into his meal, the kitten approved of his dinner just as much as people on Twitter.

Chase Stouttwitter

Stout also shared a text exchange between himself and his girlfriend, where she seemed to be pleasantly surprised by what was on the menu.

Chase Stouttwitter

For those concerned, the cat owner also posted a photo of Mr Wilson post-meal, to confirm that his food didn’t contain any chocolate or ingredients harmful to cats.

Just when we thought Mr Wilson couldn’t get any cuter, Stout shared a photo of the kitten cuddling up to the couple’s dog.

He posted the adorable pic with the caption: “Got a kitten this weekend and our German shepherd pup, Huey, thinks it’s his. I’m not going to tell him any different.”

Chase Stout

Congratulations Chase Stout, you’ve just given us entirely new #PetGoals.

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