I Broke Up With My Fiancée Over His 'Birthday Present.' Am I Wrong?

“How do I trust him again?”
People arguing
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People arguing

In a Reddit post shared to r/relationship_advice, site user throwraprank27 shared that their fiancée “played a cruel prank on me for my birthday.”

She explained that she’d been with her (now-ex) partner for three years, and always understood him to be kind and thoughtful. “He was adorable and is pretty funny,” she said.

The poster added that the couple had spoken before about getting a house together. “I always thought I should have a say in which house we go to but he insists this his chosen house will blow my mind away,” she shared.

“He... kept telling me he [would] take me there on my birthday.”

Then, her birthday came

On her birthday, the poster says her partner asked her to wear a blindfold, drove her to a location that was about as far as the house was, and helped her out of the car.

Then, he asked her to count down from three and removed the blindfold to reveal... well, nothing but a prank.

“I then got hit with what was a water balloon and when I took off my blindfold, there was no house,” the poster said. “I was furious and upset but he kept telling me I shouldn’t have been so stupid to believe he could afford a house.”

She asked to go to her parents’ home

The author of the post then says she wanted to return to her parents’ home, at which point her then-fiancee started apologising profusely, claiming “he didn’t know his joke had gone too far.”

The poster found her own way to her parents and has been “bombarded” with texts from the balloon-burster since.

“How do I trust him again after the cruel prank?” she asked.

Commenters had thoughts

“He tells you that you’re stupid for believing he can afford a house and then tells you that he will ‘allow’ you to pick out a house? First, it’s an empty promise as he can’t afford a house,” one commenter began.

“Second, WTF! Did he actually say he would ‘allow’ you to pick out a house? Who died and made him boss? Then he refused to take you home so you had to get an Uber? Oh hell no!” they added.

“Break up with this man. He is cruel,” another simply said.

In an update to her post, the OP said “Thank you all very much! I’m going to break up with him and ask my parents for assistance in getting my stuff out just in case he has a tantrum.”

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