My Boyfriend's Mother Cooked Me Dinner. So, I Broke Up With Him

"I can officially say I’ve gotten the ick. This man sucks.”
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In a Reddit post shared to r/RelationshipAdvice, site user u/ThrowRAgarliccolide offered an update on a now-deleted (but archived) post she’d shared about her boyfriend’s mother.

In the initial post, she noted that her boyfriend’s mother often put garlic in her dishes ― knowing she was allergic. This was part of the family’s once-a-month dinners, as revealed in the now-deleted original post.

She was confused as to why it was happening and agonised over whether or not it was just an honest mistake.

Perhaps it was a way to get her to stay away from family events, the poster originally wondered, especially considering the mother didn’t like it when she brought her own food instead.

Her boyfriend assured her his mother wouldn’t do that, though.

“After my boyfriend woke up yesterday, we had a long talk about how bothersome his mother’s refusal to take out garlic is. He agreed that we should skip the dinner until she takes it out,” she shared in the update.

She called the boyfriend’s mother

Still confused, she decided to call her boyfriend’s mother and ask her about the issue outright.

“She kept evading the question, saying she’s just a garlic lover, that she doesn’t understand what the big deal is, et cetera, et cetera. Finally, after like thirty minutes of back and forth, she finally admitted that she just doesn’t like me,” she revealed.

She asked her boyfriend’s mother what it was about her that she so hated. “And she just flat out told me that she doesn’t like that I have my septum and tongue done and that I colour my hair ‘unnatural colours,’” the poster shared.

After the call ended, she told her boyfriend about it. He then admitted that he knew his mother wasn’t a fan, and had hinted to him often about other women he could date.

“Anyway, my boyfriend and his sister have both agreed to just start up a group dinner once a month. I’m going to stop going to the dinners, and my boyfriend will just go without me,” the poster said.

People had ~thoughts~

“Your boyfriend could have told you she didn’t like you. He could’ve told you he suspected she was doing it on purpose... My boyfriend would never have me at his parents’ home for food if they did something like this,” one commenter said.

“Your boyfriend has done absolutely nothing to protect you from this behaviour. You can do better,” they added.

“So your boyfriend knew his mother didn’t like you, but kept deliberately putting you in a position where your health could be impacted. Why would you stay with such a spineless mummy’s boy who won’t stand up for you? You can’t avoid his mother forever,” another post read.

The post author posted an update on her update, saying, “I can officially say I’ve gotten the ick. This man sucks.”

“I’m going to break up with him tomorrow,” she added ― yet another update post confirms that she did.

What are your thoughts?