I Was Scrolling Through A Facebook Mum's Group. One Comment Ended My Marriage

"I hired a lawyer, I took all the evidence and I am in the divorce process."
Alistair Berg via Getty Images

In a Reddit post shared to r/RelationshipAdvice, site user u/ThrowraFacebook12 shared how a single Facebook comment changed her married life.

“My husband and I have been married for 10 years and have two children together,” she revealed, adding “He travels often.”

One day, she says she was scrolling through a mum’s Facebook group, going through the comments under a post.

But as she read through the responses, she noticed a small detail that changed her marriage forever ― “Unfortunately I saw a profile that had a photo of a woman with my husband,” she shared.

She investigated further and was horrified by what she found

After taking a look at the profile, she realised that her husband and this woman had had a “marriage” and that he had created a whole other profile with a completely different name.

Then, she noticed they’d had a baby together ― “I think that child has his false last name because she uploaded a post when she went to register the child’s birth certificate,” the wife said.

She posted about the issue anonymously in the same group, to which people responded that the other woman likely had no idea about her situation.

So, she reached out to the woman

She wrote to the new “wife” and found out she had no idea she was married.

“They have been married for two years and their baby is approximately 14 months old. Although they are not technically married, their marriage is not valid,” she shared.

“I hired a lawyer, I took all the evidence and I am in the divorce process,” the poster said, adding that her husband has since moved in with his new “wife” after realising she knew about the relationship.

“He refuses to give alimony, claiming that he has another child to support and that if he has to give alimony to my children, he will seek the minimum payment even if he has to quit his job,” she added.

Commenters were shocked

“I hope your lawyer gets husband on bigamy,” one commenter said.

“Get a lawyer, stand firm, and take him to the cleaners,” another commented.

“I am so sorry you and your kids have to go through this. Sounds like he’s going to make this as difficult as he can to avoid any accountability,” yet another commented.

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