'Two Babies?' Watch The Adorable Moment These Boys Find Out Their Mum Is Having Twins

Cue: a lot of high-pitched screaming.

Telling your kids there’s going to be a new member of the family doesn’t always go to plan (just look at these sibling reactions). But for some, it runs much more smoothly.

This was the case for Dan Ritchie and his wife, from Ledbury, when they told their two boys they were having twins.

The mum asked her sons whether they could “see the baby” in the scan pictures – before explaining there was more than one baby there.

“You’ve got two babies?” one of her sons screamed. “YOU’VE GOT TWO BABIES?”

What followed was a fair few minutes of high-pitched screams from the boys – who proceeded to run around the house.

And when asked to sum up how he felt, one of the boys told his dad: “Smashing”.

So. Cute.