Bradley Lowery's Mum Gemma Shares Heartbreaking Facebook Post Saying Son Doesn't Have 'Long Left'

'We are heartbroken this is happening so fast.'

Bradley Lowery’s mum Gemma has shared the heartbreaking news that her son does not have long left to live.

The 33-year-old often shares updates about her son, who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of childhood cancer, neuroblastoma, at 18-months-old, on his Facebook page.

Writing on Wednesday 24 May, the mum shared: “Sorry for the no updates everyone, I’ve been trying to process information myself.

“Bradley had a scan on Monday and it showed what we feared.”

Lowery said Bradley’s cancer is spreading at a fast rate and he has new tumours in his lungs.

Bradley, five, will be going for radio therapy, but Lowery said he is now receiving palliative care at home.

“A lump that was causing pain was originally thought to be a abscess has got bigger and they now believe it’s a tumour,” Lowery wrote.

“We are heartbroken this is happening so fast. Lots of people keep asking how long has he got to live.

“I can’t answer this as we don’t know all we know is it’s not long.”

Lowery said she has also received messages to ask where there the funds raised for Bradley will be going.

“Please rest assured that all funds that have been raised for Bradley’s treatment are going to be put into the Bradley Lowery foundation charity,” she wrote.

“We are in the process of setting this up and further details of what our aims and objectives are will be published in due course. What I will say though is because of all the support we have received from you lovely people, we are now in a position to be able to help a lot of children.”

Bradley was diagnosed in 2012 and received two years of treatment, which resulted in his cancer going onto remission.

However in July 2016, the family learned Bradley’s cancer had returned.

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